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Motorola kicks off Android 10 update for the Moto Z4

Because Motorola hasn't released a true flagship handset in a couple of years, the company's first official Android 10 update went out to a (surprisingly old and modest) mid-ranger several months ago. The newer and significantly better Motorola One Action quickly followed suit with its own promotion to the latest OS version, and the Moto G7 Plus also left Android 9.0 Pie behind just a couple of weeks after that.
There's also a good chance owners of Verizon-specific Z4 units will be left waiting at least a little while longer than those rocking unlocked devices purchased directly from Motorola or authorized third-party retailers like Best Buy. 

If you're lucky, you'll get an over-the-air goodie pack including everything from a system-wide dark theme option to an entirely new gesture navigation setup, better notification control with suggested actions and silent groups, enhanced control over privacy and security, and a pretty old January security patch upgrade in the next few days.

Keep in mind that the Moto Z4 is unlikely to be followed by a Z5 this year... or ever, for that matter, as Motorola appears to have thrown in the modular towel after several years of trying in vain to get the Moto Mods ecosystem off the ground. 
Unfortunately, we also know there are no plans to deliver an Android 11 update to the Moto Z4 next year, although there's obviously still plenty of time for Motorola to reconsider that mind-boggling decision. After all, this is a "mainstream" upper mid-end phone released with Android 9.0 out the box.

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