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Nintendo claims victory over mobile accessories firm Gamevice in patent dispute | Pocket Gamer.biz

Nintendo has claimed victory in a lawsuit over a patent dispute with US mobile accessories firm Gamevice.

According to Law360, Gamevice took action against Nintendo in May 2018 arguing that the design of the Switch Joy-Con originated from the attachable controls used for mobiles and tablets from the company.

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has now invalidated all 19 claims brought against Nintendo from Gamevice.


"Gamevice does not contest Nintendo's showing that these dependent claims are unpatentable, nor does Gamevice offer any other argument or evidence in support of patentability," said the board.

This was the second lawsuit Gamevice has pursued against Nintendo, with the first surrounding copyright infringement. However, that case was settled in October 2019 in Nintendo's favour, though Gamevice is currently appealing the decision.

Gamevice originally raised $12.5 million in a series A investment round to develop attachable game controllers for regular smartphones and tablets back in 2017.

Nintendo recently won an eShop pre-order court case against both Germany and Norway.

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