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Perfect your multi-monitor setup with this 27-inch 'frameless' display for $120

Anyone who’s creating a kick ass multi-monitor set-up to get work done from home should head over to Amazon today. The online retailer is selling an awesome 27-inch AOC 1080p monitor with a three-sided “frameless” design for $120. This well-priced display won’t break the bank if you want to go hardcore with your home office. If the size is a little too big for your desk, we’ve also found a good deal on a smaller 21.5-inch display for under $100.

The key feature of AOC’s monitor is theaforementioned “frameless” design, which means the bezel for the two sides and top of the monitor are very thin. That makes it a good choice for a multi-monitor setup with two or three displays on a desk, as large bezels create big visuals “gaps” between displays. The AOC monitors aren’t quite as “frameless” as other designs we’ve seen, but if this is for work, not gaming, they should perform very well.

In addition to the “frameless” design, these monitors feature 1080p resolution on a 27-inch display, HDMI 1.4 and VGA inputs, AOC’s FlickerFree technology, and a “Low Blue Mode” that helps against eye strain. They also use IPS panels, which are known for their color accuracy and wide viewing angles.

The only potential downer: AOC’s display isn’t VESA wall mount compatible. If you’re looking to hang your monitors off the wall instead of putting them on your desk, look elsewhere.

If the 27-inch display is too big, this sub-$100 22-inch HP display is another good choice for a home multi-monitor setup. It lacks a thin bezel, alas, but it’s another 1080p IPS display, and the price sure is right.

[Today’s deal: AOC 27B1H for $120 on Amazon.]

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