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PocketGamer.biz's ultimate remote working resource guide | Pocket Gamer.biz

Make remote work work – top tips from the games industry

The UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry offers expert advice directly from games workers far and wide, including general tips, networking, clothing and mental health.

The seven biggest remote work challenges (and how to overcome them)

Online tool integration company Zapier talks about the biggest difficulties posed by remote working and the many common issues that occur when just starting out.

Working Remotely: Yes, It Sounds Good, But How Do You Actually Do It?

Gamasutra published a useful article on the realities of working from home by Midway and Maxis veteran Jake Simpson. The piece looks in detail at how game developers can set up a remote working-friendly ethos and how to make better games along the way. Though it was written in 2008, it does bring up a number of interesting points and proves that it’s been done successfully for over a decade.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

Software firm Miro has provided an extensive guide that is rooted in years of building a distributed team of 250 plus people (Miro has five office hubs across several time zones), and expertise from leading companies like HubSpot, Upwork, Pivotal, Automattic, AngelList, and Intercom.

It’s an impressive amount of content that is regularly updated that includes everything from busting myths and team building to productivity and stats.

Working from home: your guide to the tech you’re going to need

The Guardian discusses the importance of knowing exactly what equipment you will need, with expert advice on the best tech and broadband options.

Nine Team Building Games for Remote Workers

All-in-one employee app Connecteam has created a list featuring nine work-appropriate games for keeping morale high – even Words with Friends gets a mention.

Two weeks in: what we’ve learned about remote work

Microsoft 365 corporate vice president Jared Spataro’s blog post on the biggest lessons learned in the two-weeks since his team went fully remote under the coronavirus epidemic gives some interesting insight and valuable lessons learned.

The Future of Remote Work is Now – Tips for Remote Staffing

Cloud company Bullhorn has put together a remote working tips piece written from a freelancer’s perspective, which includes stats, factors to consider and staffing up.

Guide to Working at Home

The Verge has a thorough read that is split up into three sections: Tech strategies, Staying Sane and Furniture and Gadgets.

How to Hire a Remote Team

Zappier offers recruitment advice for hiring remote workers. Everything from posting the job to the interview process to actually making a decision is covered.

Guide to keeping your remote team connected in times of crisis

Quartz has a dedicated guide to remote working during the COVID-19 outbreak that has plenty of detail and strategies, though a subscription is needed.

Remote Development – How to Work Effectively from Long Distance

Educational channel Extra Credits has a video dedicated on how to work effectively from long distance in the games industry from 2016 that still applies today. The YouTube channel itself has over two million subscribers, so they must be doing something right.

Working From Home Survival Guide

Sticking with Extra Credits, the channel recently hosted a podcast where they discussed tips on how to maintain productivity and self-care while working in the same place that you sleep.

Working from home tips for 2019 (10 proven tips for productive remote work)

Better with Phoebe uploaded a video discussing her six years as a US-based remote worker that has received lots of praise. The video talks about routines, exercise and more

Remote Work How To: Tips For Managing A Remote Team

Trello head of marketing Stella Garber spoke about management tips for dealing with a team remotely via a presentation at Trello Day 2018, utilising stats, figures, and experience taken from all employees.

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