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Qualcomm partners with video enhancing company Imint for future smartphones’ superior video capabilities

These days consumer demand for higher quality videos grows exponentially and people expect more and more from upcoming smartphones. Now, Sweden-based software company Imint, a firm offering video enhancements and analysis, has announced that it will collaborate with chip manufacturer Qualcomm for better video capabilities in future Snapdragon-powered devices.Imint’s CEO, Andreas Lifvendahl, stated that the collaboration with Qualcomm will bring a great possibility for the software company to take advantage of the AI-powered chip core technology offered by Qualcomm, and therefore be able to develop a next-gen video enhancement software. The two have already collaborated, developing the Vidhance algorithm, which provides a selfie mode that ensures the user’s face stays in the frame when using the video capabilities of the phone (video calls, chats and recordings).

Additionally, Lifvendahl believes that Qualcomm’s latest breakthroughs, given the fact that Qualcomm is a world leader in the chip manufacturing market, become a higher stepping-stone for Imint’s software. The two companies have even created a technology to help lower power consumption when processing videos with Vidhance algorithms. The aforementioned power-saving tech is available for devices equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 mobile platform.

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