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Samsung announces end of service for the Samsung PlayGalaxy Link

It’s not always announcements for new services that we hear about. This time, some fans of mobile gaming will most likely be disappointed to hear that Samsung’s gaming service, the Samsung PlayGalaxy Link, will be discontinued on March 27. Samsung has announced that the service has, unfortunately, reached its finish line. Unlike other gaming services, such as Google Stadia, this one is not a cloud streaming service. It allows Samsung users to play their PC games on their Samsung smartphone. So it only gives access to games you already have on your computer, however, it’s still useful as it allows you to continue where you left on your PC on your Samsung device.

Samsung’s announcement mentions “internal policy changes” as a reason for the end of service, but does not elaborate on the topic. The company states that its resources will be focused on the next release of new products.

Most likely this change is linked to the new partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox and the “new products”, mentioned in the announcement, could be upcoming services that the two companies are working on.

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