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Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds price slashed in the UK and US

Sennheiser Momentum deals are coming thick and fast today – just in time for the weekend. Hot on the heels of the launch of their successor model – we’re seeing some fantastic prices on the original true wireless earbuds right now as retailers look to clear out their remaining stock before the new ones are released in April.

You can find the Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds on sale for just $199 in the US, with UK prices settling at £189 at Amazon this weekend. While the new model will feature active noise cancellation, the classic Sennheiser Momentum earbuds still offer powerful sound and a gorgeous design not usually seen at this price point. 

That’s right, you’ll usually be paying far more for true wireless earbuds of this caliber, making this an excellent opportunity to snag a premium pair of buds for far less. These Sennheiser Momentum deals are available in both the US and the UK, so audiophiles from both sides of the pond can claim their savings this weekend. 

Today’s best Sennheiser Momentum deals

Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds | $299 $199 at Walmart
With incredibly low latency and rich, powerful audio quality, Sennheiser had a winner on their hands when they launched their Momentum true wireless earbuds. Today, you can snag yourself a piece of that premium listening for just $199, a fantastic $100 saving from Walmart.
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Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds | £279 £189 at Amazon
If you’re shopping in the UK, you can save £90 on the Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds this weekend. We’ve seen these dip a little lower over the Black Friday period, but currently, Amazon holds the top spot in price cuts on this particular model.
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