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Six of the best videos from PG Connects Seattle 2019 | Pocket Gamer.biz

Pocket Gamer Connects is returning to Seattle for its second year in just over two months - and trust us, that time is going to slip by before you know it.

It's actually made us a little nostalgic for last year's event, and all the fantastic talks and sessions that took place at the Grand Hyatt, the same location we'll be returning to for the 2020 edition.

Thankfully, all of our sessions are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel, so if you're ever struggling to remember a fascinating point a speaker made, you can also go back and check out their video to refresh your memory.

We've decided to go back and pick out six of our favourite videos from PG Connects Seattle 2019 to reminisce about the old times, and get ourselves hyped up for the next round of wonderful panels, talks, and other sessions coming our way in just a couple of months.

Like what you see? Tickets for PG Connects Seattle 2020 are available now, and the Early Bird discount is still on - but you've only got until March 12th to save up to $275 on the price of your tickets. Get them quick!

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