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Starbucks' new AR game Starlands will give away 2.5 million different prizes | Pocket Gamer.biz

US coffee firm Starbucks has launched a new augmented reality game on mobile that will look to give away 2.5 million different prizes to users.

As reported by Today, Starland will allow players to catch stars via their phone's camera which can be used to collect various rewards, such as free drinks or breakfast for a year, a $500 Starbucks gift card and more.

Stars will appear across all surroundings and are not just limited to Starbucks stores.

To gain access, players must download the Starbucks app and make sure they are signed up the Starbucks Reward program.

US and Canada

Members will be given two chances a day to earn rewards, while further plays unlockable by purchasing goods at Starbucks.

Starland is only accessible in the US and Canada with a limited promotion time from March 13th to April 8th, 2020.

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Overall, Pokemon GO earned a record $894 million from player spending to cement 2019 as the game's best year to date.

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