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The $250 JBL Link View smart display is on sale for just $70 (refurbished)

JBL’s Link View remains one of the most expensive smart displays available on the market. Initially priced at $300, most retailers across the US now sell the device for around $250. With so many cheaper alternatives available to choose from, JBL Link View probably doesn’t sell that well at full price.But what if you could get one for a small fraction of the full price? JBL is now selling the Link View smart display on eBay for just $70. The deal spotted by AndroidPolice has one major downside: the units sold are refurbished.

On the bright side, all refurbished JBL Link View units are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, so if you have any issues you’ll get your money back or your unit will be replaced as fast as possible.

One other thing worth mentioning is that these manufacturer refurbished devices have been restored to working order by the manufacturer or a vendor directly approved by JBL. Basically, you should expect to receive a product that’s been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet the original specifications. Also, all refurbished JBL Link View smart displays should be in excellent condition, even if they might not come in the original packaging.

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