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These cut-price iPhone XS and XR deals will save you a packet on your new device

2020 phone prices making you feel down? Luckily for any Apple fans out there, the previous year's range has seen some impressive price drops recently, securing you top level iPhones for less.

On both the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS, Mobiles.co.uk has cut the prices, giving two excellent iPhone deals. Go for the cheaper iPhone XR and you'll be paying £30 a month for a strong 22GB of data.

Upgrading to the iPhone XS will cost you just £1 a month more and a tiny drop in data. However, you'll be getting a better handset and landing on EE - the UK's fastest 4G network.

You can find both of these contracts below in full. Or if neither of them suit what you need from a device, head to our best mobile phone deals guide to find a better suited offer.

The best iPhone XS deals around right now:

So what's so good about the iPhone XS and XR?

iPhone XS:
There was a good reason for the high cost of iPhone XS deals when it first launched. At the time, it was one of the best phones in the world and realistically, it's still up there.

Across the device, everything feels premium. Apple's near infinity OLED display with smart HDR looks stunning and its 2658mAh battery is a vast improvement on previous options. Although it hasn't been hugely improved on from the previous model it's about as high-end a phone as you can get right now and especially for this price. 

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iPhone XR:
As one of the best iPhones currently on the market (even with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro out!) there is a lot to love with the iPhone XR. Above everything, the battery really stands out. Before the launch of the iPhone 11, this was the biggest Apple battery at 2942 mAh.

Sporting Apple's Liquid Retina display and a powerful A12 Bionic chip, going for this more budget flagship doesn't have to mean taking a hit on specs.

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