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Top female Twitch streamer Pokimane commits to multi-year deal

Pokimane is best known for streaming titles like League Of Legends and Fortnite (Pic: YouTube)

Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most prolific streamers, and she’s now committed herself to the platform permanently.

With some of the biggest names in streaming ditching Twitch for other platforms, the company seems to be making a point to try and keep its most popular personalities exclusive to the platform.

In December, a few streamers signed exclusivity deals with Twitch, and now we can add another name to that list.

Pokimane (real name Imane Anys) is Twitch’s tenth most popular streamer, boasting nearly 4 million followers, and has committed to a multi-year deal with the service.

That’s a pretty big boon for Twitch, as she is also its most popular female streamer.

At 23-years-old, Pokimane has been streaming since 2013 and has since won Best Streamer at the Shorty Awards in 2017, and has cultivated a massive following of over 17 million fans across all her social media channels.

She has also recently donated $50,000 (nearly £38,500) to the University of California for student scholarships in its esports program, as part of a partnership with UCI Esports.

This decision, which will fund tuition and other academic fees for aspiring gamers, was motivated by Pokimane’s own experience, as she began streaming when she was in college.

She also runs a separate channel dedicated to ASMR videos (Pic: Twitch)

‘Since I began my gaming career on Twitch six years ago, the platform has given me such an incredible opportunity to create content and connect with people around the world,’ she said.

‘The community of streamers on Twitch, as well as the community I’ve built around my channel, both mean so much to me. I want to continue to make a lasting impact on the world of live streaming, and I truly believe there’s no other place that has the infrastructure and tools that will allow me to do so.’

Michael Aragon, Twitch’s senior VP of content and partnerships added, ‘Over the years, Pokimane has made significant contributions to the Twitch community and has become emblematic of the connection and experiences that Twitch is known for.

‘Creators like Pokimane are driving the future of what’s possible with live streaming and speak to the way in which the Twitch platform has grown to reach new audiences. We couldn’t be more excited that Twitch will be her home for years to come.’

Considering Pokimane has remained mostly free from online controversies (at least compared to some of her contemporaries), she’s not only popular but a safe pair of hands for Twitch to sign-up long term.

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