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Two Google Home smart speakers and a Nest Mini now cost just $99

If you want to buy a Home smart speaker, Google will sell you one right now for $99. It’s not an expensive device for what it has to offer, but all Google’s smart speakers are on sale very often, so there’s no reason to pay the full price.

One of the best deals that you could get on the Google Home is two for the price of one. However, BuyDig is going well below that offer and even adds some extra for those who decide to go for the deal.

First off, you must have $100 available that you’re willing to spend on the smart speaker. Secondly, for that amount of money, you’ll be getting not one Google Home smart speaker, but two. To make the offer even more appealing, BuyDig throws in a Nest Mini that you can have for free if you buy the two Google Home smart speakers.

The deal spotted by AndroidPolice requires customers to add the promo code JYO2 at the checkout to get the $60 discount that will bring the total price to just $99. The deal is available for a limited time, so you might want to hurry if you’re looking to buy a smart speaker.

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