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VMware launches apps-development platform for on-prem, cloud

As promised, VMware has taken the next major step in making Kubernetes containers the centerpiece of future enterprise and hybrid-cloud application environments for its core vSphere customers. 

At its VMworld event last year the company introduced its Tanzu platform, a portolio of new and existing VMware technologies aimed at helping enterprises develop new or move legacy applications across on-premises and cloud locations. This week the company rolled out the technology across its major software components, including vSphere and Cloud Foundation in a major revamp of its key product families. 

One of the keys to the grand Tanzu plan is vSphere 7, previously known as Project Pacific, that adds Kubernetes to vSphere, the company’s flagship virtualization software. By embedding Kubernetes into the control plane of vSphere, it will let customers converge container and VM workloads onto a single platform with a single hypervisor, VMware stated. 

“vSphere 7 is the biggest release of vSphere in over a decade and delivers the innovations and the rearchitecting of vSphere with native Kubernetes,” wrote VMware’s Krish Prasad, General Manager vSphere & SVP Cloud Platform Business Unit in a blog about the announcement. “vSphere now has native support for Kubernetes, so you can run containers and virtual machines on the same platform, with a simple upgrade of the system that you’ve currently standardized on.”

VSphere 7 is part of a Tanzu-infused Cloud Foundation 4, VMware’s core virtualization package featuring vSphere, NSX network capabilities and storage. It runs in on-premises data centers or across public clouds including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, Oracle, Rackspace, IBM and a raft of othe cloud partners.

VMware says Cloud Foundation 4 brings full-stack integration of the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) layer together with native Kubernetes capabilities built to provide an automated, turnkey hybrid-cloud offering.

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