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Watch EastEnders online: stream episodes or catch-up in the UK and abroad

With over 6,000 episodes to date, EastEnders is one of the UK's longest running TV shows and is considered by many to be the gold standard of soaps. Albert Square has seen more than its fair share of drama over the years, and if you don't want to miss the latest plot twist or fall victim to yet another spoiler, we're here to tell you all the ways you can watch EastEnders, including details of how to stream it online using services like BBC iPlayer - available on a wide range of devices.

How to watch EastEnders

Typically, EastEnders first airs on BBC One in the UK on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights. Its broadcast time varies depending on the Beeb's scheduling, but you can usually expect it be shown at 7.30pm, 8pm or 8.30pm in the UK. Consult your old school TV guide or check out today's TV listings in the paper to confirm when EastEnders is on tonight.

The soap is based in the London's fictional Borough of Walford and is popular for a number of reasons. Pleasingly, Danny Dyer isn't one of them. Over the years, EastEnders has gained a reputation for being unafraid to tackle hard-hitting topics like race, unemployment, assisted dying and sexual preference in a way that resonates with people all over the world.

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