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Work smarter not harder in 2020

Technology is disrupting the ways in which we work today, providing people with the freedom to create and innovate in ways that work for them. We know from the recent findings of Dell Technologies research into the next era of human-machine partnerships, Realizing 2030, that embracing this tide of change can enable us to rid the workplace of age-old inefficiencies and inequities when it comes to using desktop PCs and peripherals.

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Gary Ramprashad, Field Marketing Manager, Dell.

The steps we take today, including modernizing IT infrastructure, supporting our employees and deploying the latest software and hardware, will lay the groundwork for the digital future, but success won’t come over night. IDC predicts that digital transformation spending will grow to more than 53% of all ICT investment by 2023, yet for businesses to benefit, it’s crucial they get realistic, and take actionable steps to future-proof their workforce.

You should be sweating it over the little things

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