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Working from home? This 5G home broadband deal from Three could be ideal

Whether you’re now having to work from home or just need to get your internet sorted without waiting the weeks and weeks for a landline to be put in, 5G home broadband could be the perfect solution.

Unlike regular broadband deals, these 5G home broadband plans require absolutely no set-up and can instantly get you online, with some fibre-rivalling speeds. And of all of the 5G plans available, Three stands out as the top choice.

It gets you unlimited access to the internet at a price of £32 a month and £42 upfront on a 12 month contract. Or, if you’re willing to be on a longer 24 month contract, you’ll pay just £24 each month for your internet.

While that makes Three the cheapest option around, it isn’t the only benefit on offer from Three. Even more important is the fact that this router doubles up as a speaker…for some reason.

Ready for the downside? To boost yourself into the 5G speeds, you’ll need to be in a 5G compatible area. When you click through to the deal, enter your postcode and see whether you can get 4G or 5G connections.

Three’s 5G Home Broadband deals in full:

Three Home Broadband with Huawei AI Cube | 12-month contract | £42 upfront | Unlimited data | £32 a month
Based somewhere with 5G connections set up? This could be the perfect option to quickly get online with a reliant internet connection and no set-up. If you don’t live in a 5G enabled area, this plan will still work and offer strong speeds, just not quite as fast.
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How fast is 5G home broadband work and where can I get it?

Unlike regular broadband, 5G home broadband operates through air waves instead of cables. In this sense, it’s more similar to the way your phone operates when using mobile data.

Also unlike regular broadband there is no set-up process needed. All you need to do is plug in the router and your internet is ready to go. That makes you can use it on the train, at the office, essentially anywhere there’s a plug.

But how fast is 5G? Well it has the ability to be faster than pretty much any fibre plan out there, miles ahead of ADSL and much more powerful than what you can get on a 4G phone plan. Imagine big downloads in seconds and a better level of latency when performing your daily tasks.

In terms of accessing the specific 5G waves with Three, you’ll have to be in one of Three’s enabled locations. These are: London, Bolton, Birmingham, Bristol, Bradford, Reading, Liverpool, Rotherham, Glasgow, Slough, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Leeds, Brighton, Manchester, Coventry, Cardiff, Derby, Hull, Middlesbrough, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Wolverhampton, Sunderland and Nottingham.

Even if you are in one of these locations, your specific address may not get it so use the postcode checker on Three’s website to see.

What regular broadband deals can I get?

We get it, 5G home broadband isn’t for everyone so for those who need a more stable internet connection, there are a number of great broadband deals to choose from. 

The best fibre broadband deal around right now goes to Vodafone, offering superfast fibre speeds of 63Mb for just £23.95 a month. If you’re a Vodafone customer, you can save an additional £2 a month.

Or, if you want something for free with your internet, BT is looking quite tempting. It costs £28.99 a month but it lands you average speeds of 50Mb and a £80 gift card – pretty great value for a company that can normally be quite expensive.

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