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Xiaomi gears up for the launch of its 5G phone, 80% of its supply chain has returned to normal

As the situation with upcoming phones remains unpredictable for a lot of vendors, Reuters now reports that Xiaomi is holding a positive outlook on it. The company’s president, Xiang Wang, stated that despite the coronavirus pandemic, he is confident, especially in the European market and in the fact that the situation is only temporary.Additionally, Xiaomi has acknowledged that February was a challenging month for its factories, some of which had issues reopening and resume operations as normal. However, the company’s president announced that as of today, more than 1,000 Xiaomi stores in China have successfully reopened and 80% of Xiaomi’s supply chain is operational.

Therefore, the company seems prepared to launch their new flagship 5G smartphone, the Redmi K30 Pro. Xiaomi’s press conference is scheduled for March 24, in an online-only event, where it is said that the smartphone will be announced.

Although a lot of smartphone vendors are still struggling to recover from the coronavirus impact on supply chains and in general, on the smartphone market, Xiaomi seems confident, despite all the uncertainty.

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