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5 top Chrome extensions for work-at-home productivity

Sent home with orders to stay productive during the pandemic, workers struggle to figure out the new normal. Pants versus PJs? Socks versus slippers? DIY haircut or an MLB hat? Office versus G Suite?

That last might well be answered by employers, of course. Now separated from whatever IT oversight had taken place in the workplace, employees may have considerable freedom in the choice of accessories that make remote existence bearable, even easier.

And there’s no business tool that can match a browser when it comes to accessorizing. Whether dubbed add-ons or extensions, these small programs can customize the browser in what seems an infinite number of ways.

With Chrome being the most-used browser by a country mile — in March, it accounted for almost 69% of all browser activity — it makes the most sense to highlight its add-ons. Computerworld selected five that should make work-at-home work time more productive.


This Microsoft-made add-on saves the steps it takes to open the office.com website and sign in to a Microsoft or Office 365 account. Like that Office home page, the extension provides quick access to all online apps available through the user’s subscription, from Word and Excel to PowerPoint and Teams.

Remember: These are the online versions of Word, Excel and so on, so they are not up to the snuff of locally-installed applications.

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