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6 Mac and iOS time-tracking apps for remote working

If you work remotely and find it increasingly hard to manage your time productively, a time-tracking app can be an essential tool for getting more done. But which one should you choose?

What is a time-tracking app?

When you remember to use them, time-tracking tools do exactly what they sound like they will do – they track time.

The best of these solutions are cross-platform, work across all your main Apple devices, and can separate out different tasks.

There are also time-tracking solutions that integrate with other business systems, such as project/team management tools – enabling managers to achieve oversight of project completion and time-based costs.

Here, I’ve tried to only include cross-platform, app-based time tracking options with at least a Mac client. Those parameters limit the field somewhat – and mean some popular solutions might not make the list. I stand to be corrected if I left out your favorite. 

These are the time-tracking apps that make the current cut:

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