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Add the awesome Razer BlackWidow keyboard to your PC for half off today

If you’re still banging out your work on mushy membrane keys, we’ve got the upgrade you’re looking for: Walmart is selling the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate with Razer Green Switches for $50, half off the MSRP and a killer price for one of our favorite keyboards. 

We thought the BlackWidow Ultimate was a solid choice for a mechanical keyboard in our 4-star review back when it cost $100, so at this price, it’s a straight-up bargain. Razer’s Green switches are “tactile and clicky” making them similar to Cherry MX Blue switches. If you’re not familiar with mechanical keyboards, Blue switches have a small bump when you depress the key and they’re satisfyingly noisy. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of effort you use while typing, Blues or similar switches can help. These types of switches actuate when they’re about halfway down, and with a little practice, you can type on them with less effort.

In addition to some good switches, the BlackWidow Ultimate is water and dust resistant, and all keys are individually backlit with green LEDs. Razer says each key has a lifespan of up to 80 million keystrokes, and the keyboard supports 10-key rollover with built-in anti-ghosting. Those last features are more for gaming, but they mean you can hit the keys really fast and the keyboard will interpret the keystrokes correctly.

[Today’s deal: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate for $50 on Walmart]

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