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All eyes on looming iMac redesign

It’s logical to expect Apple’s heavily speculated plan to use its own homegrown A-series processors inside Macs to be matched with new hardware designs.

Which comes first, the iMac or the chip?

Apple recently introduced a 16-in. MacBook Pro that’s around the same size as the 15-in. model it replaced.

For its next step, the company is now expected to transform the design of other Mac hardware, including new iMac designs. The idea behind the change is to fit more display into the computer by slimming the bezels that surround the screen.

China Times claims Apple will start production of a new 23-in. iMac in the current quarter, which implies a summer release schedule for these systems. This follows introduction of a new iMac model powered by faster Intel processors last year.

The basic design of the iMac has remained more or less identical since 2012, which was when Apple took the optical drive out and made the machine much thinner.

A move to slim the bezels may also be an opportunity for deeper design change. It should also be an opportunity for Apple to introduce new display and audio enhancements. The company’s HomePod and outstanding audio in the 16-inch MacBook Pro show how effectively Apple is improving its sound capture and reproduction systems.

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