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Amazon's streaming partnership with the NFL expands beyond just Thursday Night Football

Getting anxious for live sports yet? Me, too. The NFL Draft was a huge success and one of the first major live sporting events done during the current global crisis. Now Amazon and the NFL have announced an expanded partnership that comes at the perfect time when people are stuck at home. For the last couple years, Amazon has streamed several Thursday Night Football games (officially called Thursday Night Football Presented by Bud Light Platinum) on Twitch and Prime VIdeo. Well this year, not only is that going to continue but now Amazon will stream a regular season Saturday football game as well. You’ll want to have an Amazon Prime membership if you plan to watch on Prime Video.

During the 2020 season, you’ll be able to watch 11 Thursday Night Football games on Amazon Prime Video or Twitch, Amazon’s streaming platform. These are the games broadcast by Fox, which means you’ll also be able to watch them via Fox if you want. Whether you’re watching on the big screen or using your smartphone, the game will be available in over 200 countries and territories.

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Additionally, you can watch one of the Saturday football games in the same way. Saturday football games generally happen in the second half of the season and have usually featured a doubleheader, giving two games the spotlight for the weekend. The Amazon partnership will include one of those games, making it available to Prime members and on Twitch for free. Of course you’ll still be able to watch it through over-the-air television if you live in the home market of one of the participating teams.

The great thing about watching TNF through Twitch or Prime Video is that Amazon adds a bunch of extra features to enhance the game. If you’ve ever streamed a show on Prime Video you probably know about X-Ray, which is a great way to see the actors on screen at any given time and look up bits of trivia. The same can be used during these football games to learn more about them. On Prime Video you’ll be able to choose between the Fox broadcast, the Fox Deportes version in Spanish, or from multiple audio options exclusive to the platform.

In 2019, TNF brought in 15.4 million viewers across all its platforms, including broadcasts and digital distribution. The digital side, including Twitch and Prime Video, was responsible for over a million of those viewers. Obviously the increase in viewership has played a part in the NFL continuing to expand online. And that’s great for us because we’re all stuck at home anyway!

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