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Animal Crossing PC: the best alternatives on Steam

Look, we get it. You’re probably sick of people posting about Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the internet. What’s the big deal with it, anyway? It’s just a bunch of cutesy characters, running around an island doing menial tasks to pay off an ever increasing debt to a money-hungry raccoon. 

And yet for some reason you want it – crave it, even. You want to chat with anthropomorphic villagers; you want to toil the land and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But the mere prospect of buying a Nintendo Switch solely to experience one game just isn’t right. 

Well, what if we told you there are some great PC games that can give you those Animal Crossing feels… and they’re all on Steam. Who cares if they aren’t the real deal  – these Animal Crossing PC alternatives will make you feel a little less envious of your friend’s island life, at the very least.

Graveyard Keeper

(Image credit: Lazy Bear Games)

1. Graveyard Keeper

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