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Apple Design Award winner launches iPhone app to improve COVID-19 testing

The developers behind Gauss Surgical’s life-saving Apple Design Award winning Triton Sponge solution have turned their attention to COVID-19, introducing an iPhone-based testing solution that helps reduce risk and speed up the testing process.

Apollo, an app for COVID-19 testing and research

I spoke with Gauss CEO Siddarth Satish over the weekend. He discussed what he found during a day spent at a COVID-19 testing center.

He found the current testing process to be heavily paper-based, and observed that this exposes testers to potential risks as they interact closely with people during the tests – not least during the testing itself.

Given that the advice is to maintain two-meter distance from others and try to avoid spending too much time in proximity to others, he was concerned to find frontline testing staff could be spending as much as 15-minutes an hour closely interacting with others.

He felt the risk of contagion for all parties could be minimized by reducing the amount of contact time between tested and tester. Since then, Satish has pulled many late nights as he and his teams attempted to pull together a solution.

“We embarked on Apollo because we felt strongly that our expertise in clinical-grade digital decision-support tools enables us to build a valuable tool for screening and triage of COVID-19,” he said.

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