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AppleCare+ for iPhone SE costs only $79, down from $129 for iPhone 8

Despite representing a pretty significant upgrade over the iPhone 8 it replaces, the new 2020 iPhone SE actually costs $50 less – $399 – than the smartphone it replaces. As it turns out, Apple has also lowered the price of AppleCare+ for the phone.

Those of you interested in acquiring a two-year AppleCare+ package can now purchase the plan for only $79. That is a significant $50 reduction from the equivalent $129 plan for the iPhone 8 that was originally on offer.

That standard AppleCare+ plan extends the one-year warranty and provides coverage for two incidents of accidental damage. The service fee for a screen replacement also drops down to $29 and any other incidents will set you back $99. 

If you don’t like the idea of paying $79 up front, Apple offers a monthly payment option that sees the standard AppleCare+ package priced at $3.99 per month. This renews automatically each month until canceled.Those of you on the lookout for an extra level of protection may be interested in the AppleCare+  with Theft and Loss package. It retails at $149 or $7.99 per month and offers all of the perks mentioned above alongside a discounted replacement phone for only $149.

As per usual, these AppleCare+ plans need to be purchased alongside the new iPhone or within 60 days after purchase. In the case of the latter, in-store inspection or remote diagnostic is required.

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