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Apple’s tried and tested approach to crisis: Innovate

Apple’s survival plan to get through the COVID-19 crisis is both insanely complex and incredibly simple: Stay focused, keep investing, stay optimistic and take care.

Keep your eyes on the road

Speaking to company employees in a meeting that was almost immediately leaked, CEO Tim Cook stressed the simplicity of the company’s plan to keep its eyes on the road and its hands upon the wheel.

He warned that the company isn’t immune to the economic calamity of the pandemic, but stressed its advantages as this new journey begins, most particularly its “robust balance sheet.”

Then he shared the plan:

To keep investing in R&D and the development of future products and services.

This isn’t a new plan. This has been Apple’s approach since Steve Jobs returned to the company he started when it was a few weeks away from financial collapse. It was the approach Apple took during the dotcom bust, which is when its resurgence really began and soon after which the iPod took the world by storm.

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