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Arcadia Is the Best Way to Potentially Save Money While Transitioning to Clean Energy

Around the world, photographs are popping up showing usually-polluted cities that now have blue skies and sunshine. While sheltering at home is an emotional and financial challenge for many of us, we’re witnessing what a world with less pollution looks like. Obviously a pandemic is not the answer to our climate woes, but it is showing us what a big impact human action has on the environment. The question is: how do we keep doing good for the environment as the economy returns to normal? 

A lot of us want to transition to clean energy and move away from fossil fuels in our daily lives. Given the infrastructures (or lack thereof) in place, the process can seem daunting, even though we know that it’s the direction the world needs to head in. Throughout much of the United States, you are often only given one option for energy. That’s not going to cut it. 

Even residents that live in energy-competitive states are forced to exert a lot of effort to transition to clean energy. Given that Americans only spend an average of eight minutes every year thinking about their utility bills, we need an easy-to-understand process that works for the environment and our wallets. 

This is exactly why Arcadia was founded. Their automated platform helps members access green energy sources in their region. Thanks to their unique pooling of resources, many members even save money every month. 

As part of its smart rates feature, Arcadia negotiates with energy suppliers on your behalf to get you cheaper power rates. Because it represents many customers, Arcadia can often get cheaper rates than individuals would be able to on their own. That means some households in eligible states can save significantly, depending on the rates they paid before. All the while, Arcadia matches your energy usage with renewable wind energy. Even if you don’t live in an energy-competitive state, you can still take advantage of their renewable energy match for free. That means the environment — and by extension, you — still wins.

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