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AuthorDigital launches new IP development studio Adept Games | Pocket Gamer.biz

Indie company AuthorDigital is set to launch a new development studio called Adept Games.

A $5.5 million investment partnership with Super!com has funded the new office. Bill Roper will serve as CCO, Jason Robar comes aboard as CPO, and the studio will be headed by Serena Robar.

“Super!com is proud to become a part of this brand new beautiful story along with the world-renowned AuthorDigital team,” said Super!com CEO Oleg Sambikin.

“We’re sure that, sharing a very common vision for the future of game development, Adept Games will channel our unique vision and tech expertise to win the hearts of players of all generations all over the globe.”

“Assembling the core”

“We’ve spent the past few months assembling the core of a veteran game company,” said Roper.

“Many of us have worked with each other several times before, so it’s been like getting a great band back together. We’re also excited to bring on and learn from a wide spectrum of young, new voices. This puts us in a fantastic place to accelerate design and development while looking for a few more great people to round out the company.”

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