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Best OnePlus 8 Pro Screen Protectors in 2020

OnePlus 8 Pro Screen Protectors
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With the OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus set out to create its first proper flagship — a phone that doesn’t hold back in any regard. The end result is mighty impressive, with the 8 Pro being one of the very best Android phones you can buy in 2020. The 120Hz AMOLED display is one of its greatest strengths, and thankfully, you get a pre-installed screen protector to keep it looking great. What happens when that one starts to wear down and you need a backup? Here’s what we recommend picking up.

Staff Pick

If you want a screen protector that’s easy to install, does everything you need it to, and is a great value, you’ll want to pay attention to what TopACE is offering. This is a bundle of three film protectors at one great price, with each one offering a precise fit, 99% display clarity, and a promise to work with any and all cases. Combine that with a satisfaction guarantee, and you’re golden.

$9 at Amazon

Trying to spend as little as possible? This three-pack of screen protectors from WRJ is an excellent deal. These are also TPU film protectors, meaning they’re easy to install and won’t shatter should you drop your phone. WRJ touts that its protectors can self-heal themselves from minor scratching, are compatible with the in-screen fingerprint sensor, and are fingerprint-resistant.

$7 at Amazon

Three-packs of screen protectors are great, but what if you need even more? Whether you want to share them with friends or just ensure you have plenty to last, OMOTON sells a four-pack for about the same price. Along with being an excellent value, the protectors themselves are solid, too. They have self-healing tech, fast touchscreen response times, and are only 0.1mm thick.

$8 at Amazon

Moving over to screen protectors made out of tempered glass, we need to talk about these ones from PULEN. PULEN makes protectors for just about every device out there, including the OnePlus 8 Pro. These screen protectors come with a 9H hardness rating for impressive scratch-resistance, install without any annoying bubbles, and are relatively slim at just 0.3mm thick. Plus, you get two of them!

$10 at Amazon

Sticking with tempered glass protectors, we’d also like to shine the spotlight on this option from QITAYO. You only get one screen protector instead of a multi-pack, meaning the bang-for-your-buck isn’t as impressive. That said, there’s still a lot to like. The protector works with all cases, has a super effective hardness rating, and full coverage for the entire display.

$8 at Amazon

A-VIDET also sells just a single tempered glass protector, and once again, we’re treated to an extremely high-quality product. All the expected features are here, including 9H hardness for scratch and shatter protection, easy installation, and a precise fit. We especially like the oleophobic coating, which keeps unwanted fingerprints and smudges off your screen.

$8 at Amazon

Keep your OnePlus 8 Pro safe at all costs

The OnePlus 8 Pro has one of the best displays available on a smartphone, meaning you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it looking like new. Because of this, we really appreciate OnePlus pre-installing a screen protector on the phone so everyone has some security from day one.

That said, if that protector starts to peel off your phone or show signs of wear and tear, you’ll want to have something to replace it with. When it comes time to do that, we recommend buying the TopACE TPU Film HD Screen Protector (3-Pack). It’s incredibly easy to install on the OnePlus 8 Pro, you get ample protection, and the three-pack bundle means you’re getting a lot for your money.

For those of you that would rather have a tempered glass screen protector, check out the PULEN Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack). While tempered glass is more susceptible to shattering than film, it also offers outstanding scratch protection. PULEN’s offering of two protectors at this price makes it the go-to if you’re shopping for glass protectors on a budget.

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