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Delays, deals and drastic actions: Microsoft responds to the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has postponed the Tokyo Olympics, scrubbed all college sports and silenced presidential campaign rallies, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that the crisis has also upended plans Microsoft once had set in similar stone.

But because of the work-at-home mandate set by many businesses, Microsoft has faced other pressures by dint of its place as the maker of Windows and Office, two technology cornerstones of modern corporations.

Along with rivals Google and Apple, Microsoft was among the first U.S. firms to send employees home, one of the first to start tearing up calendars. Since early March, it’s made a score and more changes to product timelines, launched deals specific to work-at-home or the pandemic, and taken action to shutter stores and symposiums.

Computerworld has collected some of the many modifications Microsoft’s made – think of this as a one-stop-shop for the changes that most affect customers, enterprise above all – and we’ll continue to add to the catalog as long as the disruption lasts.

Bookmark this page, come back soon and often. We’ll try to keep it as fresh as possible.

Delays and new dates

Windows 10 1809 gets six more months

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