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Fast storage for cheap: Sabrent's Rocket NVMe SSDs are on sale for all-time low prices

If you need some zippy storage for your laptop or desktop, today is the day. Sabrent Rocket NVMe M.2 “gumstick” SSDs are available on Amazon at their all-time low prices in four different capacities. We haven’t reviewed these SSDs, but they are very popular on Amazon.

Right now, the 256GB Sabrent Rocket NVMe is $40 instead of $45. The 512GB version is $66, down from around $75, the 1TB model is $113.65 instead of around $132, and the 2TB model is $260 instead of $300. It’s not clear when these sale prices end, but they likely won’t last long.

Those are all good prices, with available capacities to suit every budget. The 256GB version, for example, doesn’t offer much for storage but would make a fantastic boot drive.

Adding an SSD is the best upgrade you can make for a PC without one. NVMe drives offer much better performance than standard 2.5-inch SSDs using the SATA III interface, and they run circles around mechanical hard drives. Actual speeds will vary based on the specific model you’re using, but NVMe is generally six to seven times faster than SATA III. Just remember you’ll need a motherboard that accepts M.2 2280 “gumstick” SSDs to use these drives. That’s generally not a problem for newer motherboards and PCs released in the last few years, but it doesn’t hurt to check your device or motherboard manual just to be sure.

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