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Google adds new features in Search and Maps to help users connect to healthcare options

Google is trying to make people’s lives easier while the social distancing measures are in place, and the next new features the search giant is rolling out target everyone using Search and Maps.

Two new features will be rolled out in Search and Maps, which, according to Google, are meant to “make it easier for people to connect to virtual healthcare options, whether it’s to a doctor’s office down the street, the hospital across town, or a national telehealth platform.

Those who provide healthcare (i.e. doctors, hospitals) can now enter a virtual care offering in their Business Profile, which will allow people in need to link with them on Search and Maps. If you’re one of the users in need of help, you’ll see a “get online care” link in Search and Maps once healthcare providers start enabling their care offering.

Clicking that link will direct you to that provider’s virtual care website where you should find more details, and in many cases, you’ll be able to schedule a virtual healthcare visit with that provider.

The new features will only be available in the United States at first, but Google plans to further improve them by adding nifty tweaks. One of these tweaks will allow people who search for “immediate care” to find available virtual care options and other details about price and how to connect with the virtual care platform.

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