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How to protect against 'Apple' phishing scams

Checkpoint Research recently warned that criminals are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis with a wave of attempts to trick people into sharing their security credentials with fake emails.

To catch a phish

Apple, the research claims, is the most widely impersonated brand.

Phishing is the practice of impersonating legitimate messages from a brand in an email or other message in an attempt to trick people into accessing that service via insecure servers, sharing their login passwords and credentials when they do.

Criminals can then use this information to undermine account security, dig deeper into your identity to get even more confidential data, or even sell your details on the black market to other hackers.

This is a threat to every user’s personal security, but this wave of attacks also threatens your business, employer and other security protections.

Sophisticated attackers have been known to study target enterprises to find weak points across multiple employees in order to break into secured systems.

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