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How to watch new Simpsons movie: stream Maggie's Playdate with Destiny online free

The Simpsons is one of the jewels in the Disney Plus crown and fans are being rewarded for their loyalty with the release of a fresh short-film starring their favorite Springfield family. Read on and we’ll explain how to watch The Simpsons: Maggie’s Playdate with Destiny today – stream the new Simpsons movie wherever you are with the help of our guide. 

This isn’t the first Simpsons episode to track the antics of Maggie, though. Back in 2012, we got treated to something similar in the form of ‘The Longest Daycare’ short. And before that, fans of the show learnt she was the silent assassin who (nearly) killed Mr. Burns in a famous two-part episode with eerie and hilarious parallels to the O.J Simpson trial.

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