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HTC is not dead yet, preparing a new mid-range phone that actually sounds promising

You know how HTC was kind of a big deal in the mobile industry at one point? To the chagrin of long-time Android enthusiasts fondly remembering the platform’s early “dreamer” days, that hasn’t been the case for many years now.

Because old habits die hard, this is purportedly called HTC Desire 20 Pro, which suggests a strong family resemblance of sorts to last year’s terribly mediocre Desire 19s and Desire 19+. On the bright side, the design is described as “kind of a mix OnePlus 8 on the front and Mi 10 on the back”, which doesn’t sound half bad. The 5G-enabled OnePlus 8, mind you, comes with a pretty impressive screen-to-body ratio thanks to a trendy hole punch and some razor-thin bezels all around its curved edges.

Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi 10 has four rear-facing cameras arranged in an… interesting exclamation mark-style formation that’s not exactly universally loved. Then again, if this Desire 20 Pro ends up coming with a hole punch design and quad rear shooter system, its progress over the aforementioned Desire 19 duo would be quite obvious and drastic.

While there are no words on pricing and availability, the mid-end device is expected to retain the trusty old headphone jack of its forerunners, so bargain hunters willing to give HTC yet another chance actually have several reasons to be (cautiously) excited about the Desire 20 Pro. 

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