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Huawei insists in an open letter that the UK keeps using its gear for its 5G rollout

We all know that the US has been accusing Huawei of espionage and advising other countries to mistrust the China-based company for the development of their 5G infrastructure. In January, the UK decided that it is still going to use Huawei gear despite the US’ warnings. However, recently, some people in the UK raised concerns about Britain’s decision of using Huawei network gear in the country’s 5G network infrastructure. Now, BBC News reports that Huawei is unhappy with the situation and addressed it in an open letter, written by Huawei’s vice president, Victor Zhang.

In the open letter the company underlines the current challenges with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as an important factor for 5G networks and the need for reliable internet services. People work remotely and the usage of the network and therefore, the strain on it have become greater. Huawei stated that its engineers are working hard to make sure Britain stays connected and added that since the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK, internet and data usage has risen by 50% and more.

The letter also emphasized that Huawei’s network gear is among the most advanced in the field. “Disrupting our involvement in the 5G rollout would do Britain a disservice.”, Huawei’s vice president additionally wrote in the open letter.

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