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Indie Megabooth shuts down for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic | Pocket Gamer.biz

Indie Megabooth (IMB) is going to be shutting down for the time being.

As announced in a site update, IMB will be closing for the duration of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Indie Megabooth is a travelling showcase to demonstrate indie games that has appeared at events such as GDC and Gamescom.

“After nine years of working on and building the IMB, it was a difficult and disappointing decision to make,” said Indie Megabooth founder Kelly Wallick.

“Realistically though, we’re a very small team, and this situation is bigger than us. Our primary focus right now is to stay healthy and safe through the COVID-19 situation as it’s unfolding.”

A fond farewell

However, the team will continue to work this month to both support the Steam sale in May and “give a bit of a softer landing.”

“My hope is that the Steam sale will provide an opportunity for you all to discover some great games and to create an opportunity for folks to pitch in and say thanks,” said Wallick.

“The developers participating will do a “pay what you want” revenue share at the end, and we’ve set up a PayPal link for anyone who just wants to contribute to IMB directly.

“The proceeds will be used to wrap up our financial obligations, set aside some money for maintenance and help support the transition. Think of it as a thank you for our work in the past and to help us land on our feet.”

This story first appeared on PCGamesInsider.biz.

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