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Indivisible launches on Nintendo Switch without Lab Zero's knowledge | Pocket Gamer.biz

Lab Zero’s Indivisible was launched on Nintendo Switch without the developer’s knowledge.

As revealed on Twitter (below), the studio found out the game had been released in North America after being congratulated by fans. Currently, the game is on sale with 20 per cent off.

“The Switch version of Indivisible itself is great, the porting group did seriously excellent work! Runs at a stable framerate, even handheld,” said lead developer Mark Zaimont.

Low quality

However, the game has been launched with missing features such as new game plus and co-op mode. Furthermore, the eShop artwork is wrong.

“This launch does not represent the quality standards of Lab Zero. It just doesn’t. I’m sorry. It wasn’t us,” said Zaimont.

In March, the Nintendo Switch doubled its Q1 sales year-on-year. The best hardware sales that have been seen since the Nintendo 3DS in 2010.

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