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iQoo Neo 3 5G teased to feature a 144Hz screen refresh rate

iQOO, a relatively new subsidiary of Vivo, is gearing up to launch the iQoo Neo 3 smartphone in China. The company released a teaser today, revealing that the 5G handset will launch on April 23. It means that we’re about ten days away from its official unveiling. 

This official teaser also marks the start of the pre-release promotion campaign, where Chinese brands usually showcase some leading features of the product in advance. For the iQoo Neo 3, that’s a 144Hz display refresh rate, making it one of the very few handsets to be capable of that feat. And of course, the Snapdragon 865 SoC for the 5G capability.

(Image credit: iQOO)

What’s interesting here is that the “Neo” class of iQoo is usually a toned-down version of its flagship series, in this case, the iQoo 3. However, the currently revealed chief specifications do not make it look like that at all, considering the processor is one of the key aspects that decide a smartphone’s class. We would go a step further and say that the iQoo Neo 3 seems to be a Pro model in the series. The reason being the missing high screen refresh rate on the iQoo 3, and 144Hz is an overkill. Besides the two features mentioned above, the handset will also have advanced UFS 3.1 storage. 

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