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Leaked sketch reveals premium HTC Desire 20 Pro design

It’s safe to say HTC’s glory days are behind the Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer that gave Android a “dreamy” start way back in 2008, but believe it or not, the company is still alive and kicking… somehow, preparing a new device that doesn’t sound or look half bad for a change.

While we don’t know the full story of the upcoming Desire 20 Pro yet, we already know enough to realistically expect this thing to make a better first impression than essentially all of HTC’s 2019 handsets
Obviously, a sketch can’t paint the whole picture and do an intricate handset design justice, but at least at first glance, the purported HTC Desire 20 Pro does resemble the beautiful OnePlus 8 from the front and the… okay-looking Xiaomi Mi 10 from behind. This is a “modern” device we’re dealing with here, adopting a trendy hole punch instead of a notch or outdated screen bezels, as well as a multi-camera rear-facing setup consisting of four imaging sensors.

As you can notice, the fourth circle on the back of the Desire 20 Pro is noticeably smaller than the other three, which probably means we’re looking at a depth sensor here in addition to a primary, ultra-wide, and a telephoto or macro lens. Naturally, we’ll have to wait for confirmation on the camera specifications front, but just in case the Desire name didn’t make it clear enough, a recent benchmark etched the phone’s decidedly mid-range status in stone.

That sounds like an impossible task for a phone carrying such a forgettable and boring name, but hey, at least the HTC Desire 20 Pro still has a headphone jack going for it. And a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, which remains a wiser choice than an in-display sensor, especially in the mid-range segment.

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