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Many reported problems with this month’s Win10 Cumulative Update, but few patterns

The blogosphere is awash in reports of problems with this month’s Win10 1903/1909 Cumulative Update, with more than 100 reported bug sightings. What’s causing the problems?

The trick every month is to sift through all of the problem reports and see if there are any common strings – whether folks running this piece of hardware or that kind of software should be especially cautious. 

I’ve been looking at the reports and I’ll be hanged if I can see any pattern, aside from the usual cacophony of random error messages and broken systems. Can you see any common threads?

We’re still getting ‘temporary profile’ bugs

I’ve been talking about this for more than two monthsIn some set of circumstances, as yet undiagnosed, the Win10 Cumulative Update installer hits a “race condition” on reboot, with the user coming back up in a temporary profile. That sounds like a lot of buzz words, and it is, but the net result is that the user runs the update, reboots, and returns to a clean desktop, without their desktop customizations, while files in their customary folders (such as Documents) have disappeared.

It’s disconcerting, even if you’re savvy enough to realize you’ve been pushed into a temporary profile. The desktop customizations are still there, as are the files, but they behave as if they belong to a different user.

We even have a report on AskWoody from someone who upgraded from Win10 version 1903 to 1909, and got bit by the same disappearing/temporary profile bug.

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