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My recommended zombie games to play during lockdown – Reader’s Feature

Resident Evil 2 – a zombie classic (pic: Capcom)

A reader suggests dealing with the current health crisis by fighting a different kind of menace, as he names his favourite zombie games.

While currently dealing with a pandemic there are many games out there that can be enjoyed as way to cope with the lockdown and to help keep you occupied while it is in effect. During difficult times games can help reduce stress and boredom for people. The following games are what I feel should most certainly be tried during the pandemic.

Dead Rising series

This is one of Capcom’s best-selling series and one which has an incredible amount of popularity. You are allowed to explore huge malls while having a great storyline and being allowed to choose exactly how you want to play. You can run around killing zombies or explore the stores and use weapons, try on clothing or save survivors; while being rewarded with levelling up gives you unlocks for playing through the game. The later games allow co-op gameplay, as well as multiple endings. There are currently seven games in the series for consoles and while the third and fourth games haven’t accomplished as much as the previous games they are still entertaining to play during lockdown.

The Walking Dead series

Telltale Games have proven that making point and click games can provide a great, entertaining way to enjoy a game that allows you to make multiple decisions and affect the outcome of each game, leading to many different variations and endings. While a zombie outbreak does occur in this one it offers a different gameplay experience to others, with each different choice you make – from who you save to the answers you give. It offers great replayability and provides countless hours of gameplay.

Resident Evil series

Another one of Capcom’s best-selling series, that demonstrates how masterfully a zombie-based shoot ‘em-up can be done. The series goes as far back as the early days of the PlayStation console and recently has given us both the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes. With the second and third games you are guaranteed a great story, impressive boss fights, as well as access to a wide range of weapons and items which you can find by progressing through the game. With puzzles to solve as well this adds great entertainment to another one of Capcom’s masterpieces.

Alongside the above are many other games that aren’t part of a big series, like Dead Nation. However, there are many games out there that could also be tried during lockdown, which are also zombie-themed and most certainly are worth giving a try. Even Outlast and Condemned are good examples that I feel should be worth trying and getting into. Many of these are also created by indie developers.

These are my recommended games to check out and play during the lockdown and most certainly are what I feel are worth playing and trying.

By reader gaz be rotten (gamertag)

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