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New CBRS wireless can bring private 5G to enterprises

The recently available Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) opens up new opportunities for enterprises to deploy private 4G and 5G networks, which can prove especially helpful in mobile edge-computing deployments.

CBRS is well suited for enterprises with critical communications requirements spread out over wide geographic areas that include convention centers, sport stadiums, mines, ports, farms and manufacturing plants.

CBRS provides significant benefits over Wi-Fi in some applications where guaranteed quality of service and security are necessary, but it is likely to be complementary to Wi-Fi in many situations. Many early enterprise deployments will include CBRS from the WAN to the router and Wi-Fi from the access point to the IoT device.  Over time, many access points will support both CBRS and Wi-Fi communications.

Other possible CBRS uses include:

  • Remote-vehicle, robot and equipment control
  • Communications for security teams
  • Communications with public-safety vehicles
  • Computers-on-wheels in health care
  • Connected high-definition video-surveillance cameras that generate huge amounts of data.

Vertical applications include airports, amusement parks, railroads, oil/gas extraction facilities, factories, hotels and elements of smart cities.

CBRS is best suited for mission-critical applications and as such would not be used in place of general Wi-Fi services like guest Wi-Fi. In new CBRS deployments, most organizations are likely to continue using Wi-Fi and public cellular services.

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