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Oculus Link review: This $80 cable is worth every penny to turn Quest into a Rift rival

When we wrote about the Oculus Link beta in November, I called it a “hardware hack.” Exciting, yes, but definitely not elegant. Link allowed you to turn your standalone Oculus Quest headset into a PC-ready Oculus Rift equivalent, as promised. But the only cables ready for the initial software rollout were off-the-shelf Anker cables. They were short, stiff, and worst of all stuck straight out of the side of the Quest like an arrow.

It was a tragedy waiting to happen. One good yank, and you might destroy your Quest forever. Or at least that’s how it felt.

The Oculus Link software is still in beta, but the Link hardware much less so. In January, Oculus finally released its bespoke Link cable. It’s going to cost you—a lot—but it’s worth it.

Midas touch

How much will it cost you? We might as well cover it up front, because it’s the proverbial elephant. Oculus is selling the Link cable for…well, I’ll wait for you to take a big drink of water first. Go ahead, get the spit-take prepped.


It’s $80.

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