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Office Create is "evaluating all legal action" against Planet Entertainment | Pocket Gamer.biz

Office Create is set to sue Planet Entertainment over the unauthorised release of Cooking Mama: Cookstar.

As announced on its website, the Cooking Mama creator “is evaluating all legal action against Planet to protect our customers, intellectual property rights and the Cooking Mama series.”

The Japanese company gave Planet permission to create the title for Nintendo Switch back in 2018. However, Office felt that it did not meet the required standards to be released. Planet chose to launch the title anyway, disregarding agreements it made.

Get out my kitchen

“Office Create licensed Planet to develop the Cooking Mama: Cookstar game for Nintendo Switch,” said Office Create.

“Unfortunately, the quality of the game builds failed to meet the standards that our customers expect and deserve. Office Create rejected a wide range of deficiencies affecting the overall feel, quality and content of the game.

“Yet, despite being contractually obligated to correct the identified deficiencies and resubmit the corrected game for Office Create’s approval, Planet proceeded to release Cooking Mama: Cookstar without addressing all of the rejections and without Office Create’s approval.”

Office has also discovered that Planet has got a PS4 title of the game in the works which it has not licensed.

Heating up

The Cooking Mama owner informed Planet on March 30th that its license had been revoked. However, the publisher failed to listen and has continued to advertise and sell its unauthorised game.

Players who did manage to get hold of a physical copy of the game could be sitting on gold dust after this latest development.

The digital version of the game was pulled after cryptocurrency rumours and potential lawsuits first came to light.

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