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OnePlus 8 5G carrier models boast IP68 rating, but unlocked ones don't

The OnePlus 8 Pro sports an official IP68 water and dust resistance rating. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the standard OnePlus 8, or at least that’s what OnePlus led everybody to believe at the announcement event.

Not all models have an IP68 rating

YouTuber Michael Fisher says the OnePlus 8 models sold through Verizon and T-Mobile in the United States are actually IP68 rated, despite there being no mention of it earlier today. The unlocked variants sold through the official OnePlus website and other third-party retailers, however, are not.Fortunately, this development isn’t necessarily bad news for buyers. With the exception of mmWave support on the Verizon model, all of the aforementioned OnePlus 8 variants are understood to be technically identical.

This means the unlocked models should offer the same level of water and dust resistance despite the lack of an official IP rating. This probably has something to do with a series of internal decisions to keep costs down as much as possible.

Of course, IP68 is now considered standard in the flagship smartphone market. Verizon and T-Mobile are aware of this and probably paid for their respective models to undergo testing, hence the official rating on those models.

None of this is official confirmed yet, though. We have contacted OnePlus for a statement on the matter and will update this story when we receive a response.

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