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Pokémon Go gets online leaderboards and Marill event this week

Marill could be yours this weekend (pic: Niantic)

The Pokémon Go Easter event has already started but there’ll also be some extra special new features this weekend.

Considering it’s a game all about going out outside, Pokémon Go has had to adapt more than most to the coronavirus crisis, by making itself easier to play from home.

That’s been successful enough that developer Niantic has been able to continue to add new features and events, with new leaderboards for the Battle multiplayer league due to come online on Friday, 10 April at 9pm BST.

That’ll allow you to see the world’s top 500 players and teams (assuming they haven’t got names that are deemed inappropriate) via the Pokémon Go website. It won’t update instantly though, but once a day at 9pm.

Also happening over the Easter weekend is the first Go Battle Day event, themed around Marill. The more Go Battle League matches you win on Sunday, 12 April, between 11am and 2pm, the more chance you’ll have of seeing Marill.

If you don’t want to play the odds though you can use a premium battle pass so that Marill automatically appears after ever win, with two lots of Catch Stardust as a bonus if you catch them.

How long does Pokémon Go Easter last?

The more general Pokémon Go Easter event has already started and will run until Thursday, 16 April at 10pm local time.

For the duration you’ll have the chance to catch Pikachu in a spring flower hat, plus versions of Buneary, Pichu, and Togepi with flower crowns.

They’re all rabbit or egg themed pokémon, in case you didn’t notice the connection, and so it’s no surprise to find that Exeggcute will be available as shiny. Eevee is also getting a flower crown edition as well though, just because.

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