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Pokémon Go Raid Battles Become More Accessible From Home

Pokémon Go players will soon be able to access raid battles remotely as the mobile hit continues to add new features that make for a better experience when playing from home.

The biggest update is that developer Niantic is introducing a new item called the Remote Raid Pass. This will allow trainers to join nearby raids without being at the physical location. The restriction of 20 people per raid still applies, and users will only be able to hold an unspecified limited amount of the one-use passes at once.

This Remote Raid Pass will remain in Pokémon Go after the coronavirus pandemic ends, but Niantic is planning on changing how it operates in future months. Remote trainers currently have the same attack power as those at the raid location, this will eventually change so that those physically there will have an advantage. The developer is also working to add in the ability to invite remote friends to the same raid.

A new bundle featuring Remote Raid passes will be available for one PokéCoin. It currently costs $1 to receive 100 PokéCoins, and there are discounts for purchasing in bulk.

Players also will not have to travel to PokéStops as often. Each night, users with an open Field Research slot will get a new task without having to spin at a PokéStop. Unlike regular Field Research activities, gamers will be able to complete these unique tasks from any location. Trainers’ buddy Pokémon will automatically go to nearby locations to fetch gifts so people can stay in touch with friends and share items.

Powering up Pokémon in Pokémon Go will also become less time consuming as players can soon feed Pokémon all of the candy and Stardust needed at once. This quality of life change arrives alongside the ability to stack the effects of Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs, and Incense, which normally need to be manually triggered every 30 minutes.

Other upcoming improvements include a cleaner battle interface that will alter how health bars appear and will show Pokémon types. The in-game shop icon will also show a notification when boxes and items receive updates.

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