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Redragon's backlit mechanical keyboards are no-brainer cheap today

Anyone looking to try out a mechanical keyboard should have a look at Amazon today. A third-party Amazon retailer is selling Redragon mechanical keyboards at their all-time low prices or close to it. Redragon is a discount brand with imitation Cherry MX switches. It’s not quite the real thing, but the keyboards are very well reviewed on Amazon across several thousand user reviews. This is a good chance to sample the world of mechanical keyboards without paying too much.

Here are our top three picks from the sale.

First up is the Redragon K552W for $29.74, the all-time low. This is an 87-key compact mechanical keyboard with switches that are equivalents to Cherry MX Blues. That means they should have that satisfying clickety-clack sound, as well as a very tactile feel when the keys are depressed. This keyboard is white and comes with red backlighting.

Next up is the Redragon K552-RGB for $38.24, which is just slightly higher than the all-time low of about $36. This is similar to the previous model, but if features customizable RGB backlighting. It also offers switches equivalent to the Cherry MX Blue.

Finally, the Redragon K550 is on sale for $59.49. That’s not the all-time low for this keyboard from a third-party seller, but it’s still as cheap as it’s been in the past two years, and far below Amazon’s direct $92 low. The full-size keyboard features RGB lighting, wrist rest, macro recording, and USB passthrough capabilities. For switches, its using a Cherry MX Brown equivalent. Brown switches have a similar tactile feel to the blue switches but lack the louder clickety-clack sound.

[Today’s deal: Redragon mechanical keyboard sale on Amazon.]

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